Ritualize Islamist Violence into Sport

Islamist violence: the constant stream of executions, warfare and terror, is the edgy visual sport of our time.  Unlike European violence: blood sports, medieval tournaments, duels, village fights, which have gone through a process of ritualization into modern sports, Islam hasn’t channeled violence into manageable non-lethal forms.  If Islamic religious passion still requires violence, maybe it can be made more symbolic than real?

The idea of ritualized symbolic violence could relieve the stress of everyday Islamic life and shift is away from the Hobbesian trap.  A ritualized beheading could feature a wooden sword touching the neck.  A ritualized execution by throwing from a tall building could be replaced by jumping from a stool.  The public shaming of such spectacles could replace the loss of life and still allay religious fervor.

One almost off-the-shelf technical solution is electric fencing gear: sabre, wires, board.


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